1-DISCLAIMER DillyDates is not a dating agency. Our goal is just to help single people to meet each other in a secure and comfortable environment. DillyDates doesn’t verify the personal information of its participants, like their matrimonial status or any personal aspects of their life in general. It’s your responsibility to sort it out with them if required.

Minors are not allowed to participate in a DillyDates event.  Only 18-year-old adults and up are admissible. Any false representation from a client of DillyDates will result in the immediate cancellation of his/her registration at the event. Proper Identification by a DillyDates representative might be requested before entry to prove identity and legal age requirements.

3-PRESELECTION DillyDates does not preselect any of the participants registered for our events. By registering for one of our events, you accept that DillyDates or any associate of DillyDates be exonerated and cleared of any responsibility or damages that might result, directly or indirectly from your participation in one of our events in any kind of form or situation. This also includes without any limitations, damages resulting from an encounter or communications with other participants from events organized by DillyDates or its affiliates.

4-RESTRICTIONS DillyDates reserves the right to prevent anyone from participating in an event, regardless of the reason. In that case, registration will be canceled, and ticket purchase fees will be refunded to that person if applicable.

Your age determines your group and not the age group you would like to be in. We form groups with the ages and the number of participants registered for that event date and location.

To create a safe, comfortable, and enjoyable evening for everyone, there are three rules you need to follow during an event.

6.1 – You are not allowed to ask anyone for his/her contact information. This includes their phone number, last name, e-mail address, business card, or address. It also includes asking for their last name.

6.2 – You are allowing Dilly Dates to release your phone number to matches.

6.3 – You are not allowed to ask sexually explicit questions, use lewd language, or say anything that might be interpreted as threatening or as sexual harassment. Please be polite and respectful!

6.4 – Our events are officially bilingual, so English and or Spanish can be used at and during our speed-dating sessions.

6.5 – NO discrimination is allowed and will not be tolerated during our events. For logistical purposes, you have to meet all the participants in your age group regardless of their ethnicity, language preferences, or religion. You have to be respectful to everyone.

6.6 – You cannot take pictures of the participants or at the event before during or after the speed dating unless express consent is given.

6.7 – It is forbidden to contact by phone, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or any other form of communication via social media with any participants met at the event without their express consent.

6.8 – Any participant who doesn’t respect these terms and conditions and the rules to follow in our events or is intoxicated before, during, and after the event will be refused access to the event and the other participants. A proper dress code is also required.  The participant who doesn’t respect these terms will have to leave immediately the location of the event and this is at the only discretion of DillyDates and its staff. No refund is issued following the expulsion of a participant.

7 –NO REFUND there is no refund once you purchase a ticket for one of our events. If you don’t show up or if you show up late you don’t get refunded.

If a situation out of our control prevents us from presenting the event, registered participants will be advised, and a credit note will be offered for an upcoming event.