Welcome to Dilly Dates! Born in a charming neighborhood bar in Phoenix, AZ in 2021, we’ve transformed speed dating in the wake of a global pandemic. We've taken on the challenge of redefining human interaction, bringing a fresh approach to connecting people.

At Dilly Dates, we cherish the beauty of simple moments and real connections. Our events are set in cozy, intimate venues where laughter fills the air, and sparks fly through engaging conversations and delightful drinks.

As your hosts, we are dedicated to fostering an environment where love can grow effortlessly, one brief date at a time. In a world where virtual connections often take center stage, we offer a refreshing alternative—a chance to meet face-to-face, feel the warmth of a genuine smile, and rediscover the magic of human connection.

Join us in this new era of dating, filled with hope and resilience. Let’s create meaningful connections, one Dilly Date at a time.